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Timo Maas
New Timo Maas Single Shifter
After the Top 15 success of the grindingly dirty To Get Down, and delightfully protean debut album LOUD, TIMO MAAS returns with the cool electro- garage-funk of SHIFTER, featuring the icily lithe vocal talents of MC Chickaboo. Over an alarmingly futuristic vortex of TIMO's wet n hard beats, idiosyncratic squelches and teutonic techno-trickery, MC Chickaboo - a Grace Jones for the UK garage generation - comes across both whisperingly suggestive and nonchalantly seductive. And no one can accuse SHIFTER of simply carrying on from where TO GET DOWN left off… you'd be hard pushed to finda guitar riff or grungy vocal across the four slithersome minutes of this slippery classic.

TIMO MAAS finally crashed into the mainstream earlier this year with the aforementioned TO GET DOWN, which peaked at No 14 in the charts, and , with its enigmatic and disturbingly elusive promo, prompted some speculation in the mainstream press as to whom this new mystery act actually was. Was it a band? A solo act? The answer, of course, is both, as TIMO MAAS the act consists of the superstar DJ/producer himself and his studio partner in crime, Martin Buttrich, with whom he has co written and produced the critically acclaimed LOUD, which also features collaborations with Kelis and Finlay Quaye. And MC Chickaboo? This Birmingham born, ex-Blue Note MC is one girl with something on her mind. Shifter is about sex. Slippery, Sleazy sex. It's about being different, it's about all the different sides to my personality, it's about shape shifting, it's about confidence, it's believing you can get any person in the world.

Praise for LOUD:

An album bristling with house, garage and funk influences… damn good FHM

Maas is clearly the dance name to watch THE OBSERVER

There's a freshness and pace that's been missing too long


Hit the Loud button and stare into the future right now


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Win the new Timo Maas Single Shifter @
Win the new Timo Maas Single Shifter @
Win the new Timo Maas Single Shifter @