Review of Born Again Revisited Album by Times New Viking

Review of Times New Viking's album Born Again Revisited

Times New Viking Born Again Revisited Album

It's a wonder who exactly decided that Times New Viking were the rather delightful term 'Shitgaze.' Perhaps it was something put about by the band in hope of attaining the lowest of lo-fi credentials. As it is Times New Viking have been around a few years now - is their 4th album - and they're perilously close to being overshadowed by newer bands. Listen to songs like 'No time, no hope' and you can certainly see where Wavves has been getting inspiration from, as well as echoes of other acts such as Vivian Girls or Women.

But whilst there might be a few worthy challengers around, TNV are still managing to retain undisputed slacker champions for the time being. Born Again Revisted sounds like it was made for about 20 quid in a tin can, and has the most brilliantly off-kilter rhythms with the most glorious mess of hit and miss boy/girl vocals. If you're the sort who can get over this or even (gulp) the kind of person who likes their music to sound like it was made in a shed, then you'll find this a pleasing little sojourn of a record. The repetitive, dirgey refrains of songs like 'City on Drugs' may seem like all too much clatter and tin at first but you don't have to look too hard to find the sunshine filled melodies under the grubby titles. In truth Born Again Revisited is a burst of summery pop, the grungy summer you always wanted but could never have unless you take their song's advice and actually moved to California. It has that brattish, nonchalant sloppiness that only Americans can pull off, whilst we press our noses up to the rainy window. Really, imperfection never sounded so good.

Natalie Kaye

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