Prosecutors in Mississippi are investigating whether rapper Tim Dog faked his own death. Fans of the artist will know that Tim Dog died in February from complications arising from diabetes, though a warrant has now been issued for his arrest. "I need proof," Steven Jubera, a prosecutor in Mississippi, told Memphis TV station WREG. "I need a death certificate showing that he's dead, because as far as I'm concerned, he's alive."

The case arose when a woman named Esther Pilgim claimed that Tim Dog - born Timothy Blair - had faked his own death to avoid paying thousands in debts. At the time of his alleged passing, Dog was thought to be in the process of paying off $19,000 to Pilgrim, according to the Guardian.

She was one of several women that Tim Dog defrauded in an online dating scam, for which he was charged with grand larceny. He was reported dead in February aged just 46 - the apparent result of a seizure relating to diabetes. The interesting thing about the whole thing is that the original word of Dog's death linked back to a story at The Source, which appears to have disappeared. None of the stories at the time offered any solid information about the death.

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Meanwhile, Pilgrim sent a friend to Atlanta to search for Blair's death certificate and was unsuccessful. A private investigator working for WREG tracked down an address that was listed as "active," but confusion still surrounds what that actually means. Blair's former producer Cedric 'Ced Gee' refused to speak at the funeral after family members could not produce a death certificate. In other words, there's nothing official to say Dog is dead. 

Tim Dog was (is) best known for his 1991 track 'F*ck Compton' - aimed at Dr Dre and NWA and a piece of work considered instrumental in sparking the east coast/west coast battles of the 1990s.

What do you think? Did Tim Dog fake his own death? Have you SEEN him yourself?

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