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24th September 2012

Quote: "I gravitate towards horror movies when I have trouble sleeping - I should try to analyse that!" Moviemaker Tim Burton prefers bloodthirsty thoughts to counting sheep when he's trying to drop off at night.

14th May 2012

Fact: The Killers recorded a new version of the Raspberries' 1972 tune Go All The Way for Tim Burton's movie Dark Shadows. The revamped song can be heard during the closing credits of the Johnny Depp film.

4th May 2012

Quote: "He is very stressed. Directors are. The stress level - it’s a battle.... But... what’s great about working with Tim - when you’re involved with him - is that I get to see that on set, he’s having fun. But if I didn’t get to go on set, I’d think he was suicidal for six months.” Helena Bonham Carter is thankful she gets to work with her partner Tim Burton on the set of his movies.

1st May 2012

Quote: "He's become a real soccer fanatic, so he has yellow cards and red cards. I'm always being sent off. It's pretty playful but that's good for me. We do have a laugh!" Helena Bonham Carter's partner Tim Burton has an unusual way of showing when he's annoyed with her behaviour.

9th April 2012

Quote: “I want my grave to say 'Dig Here' on it. Hopefully someone will take me up on it. I won’t mind at that stage." Moviemaker Tim Burton jokes about his burial plans.

7th March 2012

Quote: "In Paris even if they don't like your film, they talk so well about it! In London the press is just so horrible to me. I didn't want my kids to hear what a terrible artist I was!" Director Tim Burton jokes about why he chose to stage a special touring exhibit of his work in France instead of his adopted home of London. The show, which opens in Paris on Wednesday (07Mar12), originally opened at New York's MoMa museum in 2009 and has been displayed in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada.

10th June 2011

Fact: Mexican wrestling extravaganza Lucha Future arrives in the U.K. for a series of shows later this month (Jun11) - and Madness frontman Suggs and movie director Tim Burton are rumoured to be among the stars who plan to attend.

4th February 2011

Fact: Eva Green has signed up to star opposite Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's upcoming remake of 1960s vampire TV show DARK SHADOWS.

3rd January 2011

Quote: "Genius? Ha! He might be a genius on the film set but the genius part doesn't stretch to picking up his own socks or cleaning the dinner table or throwing away the rubbish." Helena Bonham Carter insists her partner Tim Burton's talents don't stretch to domestic chores.

7th December 2010

Quote: "Saying rather bad lines in an ape outfit for 60 days was worth it. That's what I say to my son, 'Your mother met your father when she was an ape'. There's definitely a fairytale aspect to it." Helena Bonham Carter on meeting the father of her children, director Tim Burton, on the set of their movie Planet Of The Apes.

18th October 2010

Quote: "We’d get on. We could talk about hair and Gothic fairy tales, England, whimsy, and tortured adolescence." Russell Brand is keen to work with moviemaker Tim Burton.

6th July 2010

Quote: "I want to hang out with my kids. I don't want them to forget who their dad is. I have worked really hard these past two years. I think I need to recharge my batteries." Director Tim Burton is ready for a rest from filmmaking to concentrate on being a parent.

10th March 2010

Quote: "It's good to scare kids a bit if they can handle it. Though it might be strange for him to see his mother with such a large forehead. I've tried to warn him..." Tim Burton thinks his six-year-old son, Billy, will be shocked to see his mum Helena Bonham Carter's transformation in the pair's new film ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

28th February 2010

Quote: "There are no discussions, only orders. It's a dictatorship on her side. It's all about her and no one else." Helena Bonham Carter on her two-year-old daughter Nell, with partner Tim Burton.

27th February 2010

Quote: "I'm looking forward to seeing my fake nose in the film. I always think I've got a funny face anyway. I watch myself in films and think my face is really weird." Anne Hathaway on playing the White Queen in Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

24th February 2010

Quote: "There's a snoring issue. I talk, he snores. The other thing is, he's an insomniac, so he needs to watch television to get to sleep. I need silence." British actress Helena Bonham Carter on why she lives in a co-joined, but separate house to her long term partner, film director Tim Burton.

3rd February 2010

Fact: Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway will mix with royalty at the London screening of their new movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND - the new Tim Burton adventure has been chosen as this year's (10) royal premiere and will be attended by Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

27th January 2010

Fact: Pop star Avril Lavigne was inspired to write the title song for Tim Burton's new movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND after a design meeting with Disney studio bosses.

26th January 2010

Quote: "This is a dream come true. After spending my early life watching triple features and 48-hour horror-movie marathons, I'm finally ready for this." Director Tim Burton is delighted to land a place on the jury at this year's (10) Cannes Film Festival in France. He will help decide the winner of the coveted Palme d'Or best film prize when the event takes place from 12-23 May (10).

11th November 2009

Fact: Johnny Depp is to co-host a tribute gala in honour of his pal, moviemaker Tim Burton. The actor, who has starred in seven of Burton's films, will join Burton's partner Helena Bonham Carter to helm the star-studded event, which will take place at New York City's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on 17 November (09).

20th October 2009

Quote: "I would have loved to don a white floppy rabbit suit, with a big fluffy tail." Michael Sheen is sad he only provided the voiceover for his character in Tim Burton's upcoming adaption of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

6th July 2009

Quote: "Tim would have killed me if I hadn't done it, because he's such a Terminator fan." Helena Bonham Carter agreed to star in TERMINATOR SALVATION to keep her husband Tim Burton happy.

30th June 2009

Quote: "The orange-hair thing was very important. I think he was poisoned, very, very poisoned, and it was coming out through his hair, through his fingernails and eyes." Johnny Depp on creating his MAD HATTER character for pal Tim Burton's upcoming ALICE IN WONDERLAND movie.

26th June 2009

Quote: "I look at it and think, 'I can't believe I didn't get fired!' He looks like an evil cousin of mine." Johnny Depp on his bizarre new look as The Mad Hatter in pal Tim Burton's new ALICE IN WONDERLAND fantasy movie.

9th April 2009

Quote: "I know it's dumb, but it's my claim to fame. I love that role." Teen superstar Miley Cyrus on her cameo, as an 11-year-old, in Tim Burton movie Big Fish.

2nd March 2009

Quote: "I like that it has my name on it. And it keeps me warm and saves energy." Director Tim Burton cuts costs by turning his home's heating down and wearing clothing from snowboarding company Burton.

26th February 2009

Quote: "When I was chained to a desk, and I was f**king depressed, this music was the only thing that saved me." Director Tim Burton credits British rockers The Cure with keeping him sane.

20th October 2008

Quote: "It looks like a nice big Halloween party, which is always good. It seems like all the type of people that nobody liked in school all getting together for a nice big party - a prom for the kids that didn't go to prom." Moviemaker Tim Burton on Saturday night's (18Oct08) Scream Awards in Los Angeles, where he was honoured for his film work.

13th September 2008

Quote: "We're not going to do anything dark and spooky that's going to scare the baby. We want a lighter, happier version. If it's a girl, maybe more Alice-based, and if it's a boy, more Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat." Good Charlotte guitarist BILLY MARTIN and his expectant wife LINZI are planning to base their nursery on director Tim Burton's forthcoming film version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

25th January 2008

Quote: "I told him this was a perfect role for an actor; you don't have to do anything, just stare out the window and... brood" Director Tim Burton on how he persuaded Johnny Depp to take lead role in grisly blockbuster musical SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.

22nd January 2008

Quote: "We were married in Las Vegas in 1980. We had a double wedding with Joan Collins and Michael Jordan. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it!" Director Tim Burton jokes about his close relationship with JOHNNY DEPP.

11th January 2008

Quote: "I wouldn't recommend it. I couldn't drink any caffeine and we would start work at 5am." Actress Helena Bonham Carter doesn't advise bring pregnant while filming. The star found out she was expecting director boyfriend Tim Burton's second child during production for SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.

9th January 2008

Quote: "The Sound Of Music - With Blood!" Tim Burton gives new horror musical SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET its own advertising tagline.

7th January 2008

Quote: "Sexual favours don't get me anything." Actress Helena Bonham Carter cannot work her magic to persuade director-fiance Tim Burton to cast her in his movies.

5th December 2007

Quote: "At some point, he (Billy Ray) will probably want parents. He'll have to look elsewhere." Helena Bonham Carter jokes she and her partner Tim Burton will always remain childlike, so their son BILLY RAY will have to seek out mature parental advice.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "I haven't watched the film. I wish I wasn't in it because I know I'd love it." Helena Bonham Carter refuses to watch herself in boyfriend Tim Burton's new movie musical SWEENEY TODD.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "It's The Sound Of Music with blood." Eccentric moviemaker Tim Burton on his new movie musical SWEENEY TODD.

22nd November 2007

Quote: "We clashed a bit, but it couldn't have been that bad because I'm now expecting our second child." Helena Bonham Carter insists rows she had with partner Tim Burton on the set of SWEENEY TODD didn't wreck their romance.

19th November 2007

Quote: "One weekend, Tim and I came up with Indian chief names for each other. My name for him was Big Chief Little Patience, and he called me Little Squaw Running Mouth. I think that distilled our relationship on the set." Helena Bonham Carter on how she and partner Tim Burton found a way of working on the set of SWEENEY TODD.

5th November 2007

Quote: "How many chances do you get at a musical about a serial killer?" Johnny Depp on what made him challenge his fears of singing in public to play demon barber SWEENEY TODD in director pal Tim Burton's new film.

16th October 2006

Fact: British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is teaming up with Johnny Depp for Tim Burton's new big screen adaptation of the hit musical SWEENEY TODD.

25th September 2006

Quote: "It will be the vampire national anthem. Black panties all across the world will moisten at the sound of my voice." Marilyn Manson has high hopes for his cover of Danny Elfman's THIS IS HALLOWEEN, which he has recorded for an upcoming tribute album to Tim Burton'S NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

6th March 2006

Quote: "I beat up somebody on the way to his wedding and just made a few changes and stole his clothes... This is the only tie I own." Director Tim Burton on his colourful Oscars look - complete with a skull and crossbones tie.

7th December 2005

Quote: <p>"If he wants me to have sex with an aardvark in one of his next movies, then I will." Johnny Depp is keen to work with quirky director Tim Burton again. </p>

19th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I love show tunes. I'm a gay man at heart." Helena Bonham Carter was pleased her director husband Tim Burton offered her the opportunity to sing in animated movie Corpse Bride. </p>

29th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I wasn't accepted into any social, cultural club. Even the goths wouldn't have me. It was a tough rejection." Movie maker Tim Burton was a "loser" at school. </p>

27th September 2005

Fact: <p>British actress Helena Bonham Carter has to audition for the part of the Corpse Bride in Tim Burton's new animated movie - even though she's dating the director. </p>

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