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20th March 2017

Quote: "You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like 1930s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group, ‘you know what we believe is right,’ I go, ‘Well, I might have a problem with that.'” Tim Allen, who was a supporter of Donald Trump, compared discussions of the current president to those in 1930s Germany during Adolf Hitler's reign.

16th April 2015

Quote: "Monkeys are smarter than these people... Kindergarteners would literally perish if you didn't hold their hands. You gotta take them from the car, otherwise they'll walk to Portugal... I'm surprised we get to this size." Funnyman Tim Allen on the struggles of being a father to his six-year-old daughter.

9th January 2015

Fact: Tim Allen is staging a Home Improvement reunion on his new U.S. Tv comedy Last Man Standing on Friday (09Jan15) after recruiting his former Tv wife Patricia Richardson and son Jonathan Taylor Thomas to appear on the sitcom. Richardson will play a cranky neighbour, while 33-year-old Thomas will make a surprise cameo.

18th November 2012

Quote: "I got to sit behind Blake Shelton, who's on (reality show) The Voice... I said, 'Hey, I really like that show'... Then this girl Miranda Lambert, so I don't know who this is... She was dancing up a storm... I stand up and I'm like, 'Yeah!' He stands up and he goes, 'I'm gonna tap that after the show.' I'm being a guy and I go, 'Yeah, me too buddy!' And he goes, 'That's my wife!'" Actor Tim Allen was left red-faced at the CMA Awards earlier this month (Nov12) after an encounter with country singer MIRANDA LAMBERT and her husband Blake Shelton.

10th November 2010

Fact: Actor Tim Allen is in talks to return to his TV roots and star in a new sitcom titled Man Up. The comedian shot to fame as the star of hit series Home Improvement in the 1990s.

17th June 2010

Quote: "That's one of the things I liked about being inside: dress. I would wear the same c**p everyday if I could get away with it." Comedic actor Tim Allen on the perks of not worrying about what to wear in jail. The funnyman served 28 months behind bars stemming from his arrest for cocaine possession in 1978.

17th June 2010

Fact: Tim Allen celebrated his 57th birthday at the TOY STORY 3 premiere on Sunday (13Jun10).

16th June 2010

Quote: "Back then it was one punch in the nose and a little bit of blood... If you got close enough to hit them (gang rivals) with a water balloon you made your point. What's with the guns? Guns, it's final. You don't get to play again." Funnyman Tim Allen is baffled by escalating gang violence.

11th September 2009

Fact: Former 007 TIMOTHY DALTON is to join Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in the third Toy Story film, according to new reports. The suave Brit will lend his voice to a pretentious hedgehog called Mr. Pricklepants.

7th May 2009

Quote: "When I first told my mum she was like, 'Oh dear, oh dear... in college...' (I was like), 'Yeah mum, I've done the math.'" Tim Allen's mother worried he was too old to become a father at the age of 55. The actor and his wife Jane Hajduk welcomed a baby girl named Elizabeth in March (09). Allen also has a 19-year-old daughter, Katherine, from his first marriage to Laura Deibel.

7th September 2007

Fact: Comedian Tim Allen will receive the Rodney Dangerfield Legacy Award at the UCLA Medical Center Visionary Ball in Beverly Hills, California on 4 October (07).

2nd November 2006

Quote: "The most remarkable thing in Japan was finding a MCDonald's." Actor Tim Allen didn't enjoy the cuisine of Kyoto during a recent trip to Japan.

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