Tila Tequila has called in police after she was allegedly hit with beer bottles and "fire crackers" while onstage at a music festival in Illinois.
The reality TV star has released pictures of her bruised and bloodied face, which she claims were the result of a prolonged attack when she was at the Gathering of the Juggalos event, which began on Thursday (12Aug10).
Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen, claims she was onstage when audience members threw several objects at her which caused her severe injuries.
The 28 year old alleges she fled the stage only to be followed by several revellers who were "trying to kill" her - and police were called to calm the situation.
She tells TMZ.com, "I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, DUDES were throwing HUGE STONE ROCKS in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage, and they even took the s**t out of the port-0-potty (portable toilet) and threw s**t and piss at me when I was onstage.
"These people were trying to kill me. So then after the last blow to my head with the firecracker they threw at me exploded (sic), my bodyguard and the other security grabbed me and ran as fast as they could to the s**tty trailer... Even the guys INSIDE with me were shaking! Their hands were shaking cuz they were so scared!"