Tiger Woods, the former world number-one golfer who recently divorced from his wife Elin Nordegren after a string of affairs, has responded to a host of questions from fans on his Twitter page, reports BBC Sport. The 34-year-old posted his first message last month, saying, "What's up everyone? Finally decided to try out Twitter", but a lack of activity since then had convinced his followers that the move was simply a PR stunt.
However, Woods responded to 21 of his followers questions within the space of an hour, and even posted a picture of himself on the social networking site. The golfer was first asked what he eats during a round of golf, to which he replied, "During round I eat peanut & banana sandwich & almonds", before telling followers that he would play Basketball if he had to play another sport. When one fan said he understood how Woods must have felt through his recent divorce, the golfer simply replied, "Thanks brother". In answer to a question about his goals for 2011, Woods said, "As Al Davis said, 'Just win baby', before telling fans he had to sign off because of a press conference.
Woods' sudden increase in 'Tweets' dramatically increased his amount of followers, with more than 286,000 people now tracking his comments. Fellow golfer RORY MCIILROY responded to Woods' answers on his own page, saying, "Wasn't gonna follow @TigerWoods but now he's tweeting like crazy so I think he'll be well worth a follow!!"