Elin Nordegren looks like she’ll be spending her life post-Tiger Woods in style, if recent photos posted by Jeffrealty.com are anything to go by.

You might remember that, upon divorcing from golfing legend Woods, following his infidelity, Nordegren ended up with rather a large share of the sport star’s fortune, and set about tearing down a mansion she’d purchased because it worked out cheaper than renovating it. Bizarre. Anyway the 17,000 square foot property is taking shape, looking out coastwards and boasting what would appear to be a three-story structure. It’s not known yet how it’s going to look inside, or which part she’s going to have as the living area. There’s also some surprise at the size of the place given that she spends much of her time travelling; but, hey, if you can afford it why not eh?

The Daily Mail ran a piece last year suggesting that the new house would have an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a koi pond, a spa and a gym, which would certainly explain why all of that space was needed, though it’s hard to work out if any of that has been put in yet at this point. The marriage between Nordegren and Woods broke down in December 2009 after revelations came about the golfer having not just one, but a string of affairs. Check out the pictures here.