Elin Nordegen may be bitter at ex-husband Tiger Woods after the golfing great cheated on her, thus ending their marriage, but she seems determined to gain at least some semblance of positivity out of the sad situation, after it was revealed that a former home of the Swedish model has been demolished, with the star giving surviving items from the house to Florida charity Habitat For Humanity.
The Orlando Sentinel reports that Nordegen's home, a 17,000 square foot building bought for $12.3 million in March, was torn down last week. It wasn't the initial plan as she first wanted to remodel the house, built in 1932, only to find that it was structurally unsafe and that she'd have to start anew if she wanted to remain living on the land. Contacting Habitat For Humanity, Nordegen then contributed a huge array of items; at the time of writing the full contents of the donations haven't been logged but estimates are that it'll total around $300,000. Dan Reedy, owner of Onshore Construction who hope to gain the contract to rebuild on the site, commented "Most people would have sold it and pocketed the money," however it's understood that Nordegen wanted to do something for the community.
Among the items salvaged included ubzero refrigerators and icemakers, cooktops and ovens, Miele dishwashers, high-grade cabinets, plumbing and decorative electrical fixtures, copper wire and other high-end electronics.