Tia Carrere has become the latest victim of Donald Trump's no-nonsense boardroom tactics. She was forced to leave the current series of Celebrity Apprentice after project managing a task on Sunday's show (March 18, 2012) that fell flat and left the women's team flailing behind the men's. Carrere took responsibility for her team's failure, as team leader, and was dismissed by Trump, who told her "Tia, you're fired. Thank you very much. Go ahead. Get out."

The 45 year-old model and actress joins George Takei, Victoria Gotti and Cheryl Tiegs, who have also been fired from the show. On Sunday night, the two teams were given the task of creating an advertising campaign for O-Cedar mops. The men's team was led by Lou Ferrigno and they decided to go down the comical route for their viral ad campaign. The women, on the other hand, opted for the double entendre, with each of the women revealing how many mops they've had in their lifetime. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the campaign was "not overtly sexual" and it would appear that it wasn't overtly successful either, with Carrere's team left floundering.

Carrere's attempts at taking another team mate down with her were unsuccessful, though Aubrey O Day may have found herself on the chopping block if she had managed to, after she made a snide comment about Tia's age. "If I throw myself on the knife, as it were," she asked Trump, "because I was the clearing house for info, I was the final say, I approved everything and I was the task leader - if I do that, will you fire another person on the team as well?" The answer? A resounding "No," spelling the end for Carrere's campaign to become Celebrity Apprentice 2012.