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'Thunderbirds Are Go' Becomes All Too Real With Yellow Sub Thames Stunt [Photos]

It was a blast from the past for 'Thunderbirds' fans as the iconic yellow submarine known as Thunderbird 4 was seen taking a spin on the River Thames in London today (April 2nd 2015) ahead...

See How 'Thunderbirds' Was Made In Upcoming Documentary 'Filmed In Supermarionation' [Trailer & Pictures]

Ever wanted to know how Thunderbirds was filmed? Or how the cast and crew managed to create a series which remains alive and well in the popular imagination? Well this is your chance as a...

Rosamund Pike Chosen To Voice Lady Penelope In New 'Thunderbirds' Re-boot

Rosamund Pike has been selected to provide the voice for Lady Penelope in an all-new version of the hit puppet adventure show Thunderbirds. Pike will join the likes of Kayvan Novak, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, David Menkin,...

Thunderbirds (And David Graham As Parker) Are Go!

The sole member of the original Thunderbirds cast returning for the ITV remake is Parker, and what a fitting return it is. Parker was always there, always reliable, and when the franchise came knocking for...

Gerry Anderson's Son Launches Campaign To Fund Final Books

Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson's son has launched a campaign to help fund the release of his final books.The Tv mogul, who was famed for his puppet-based adventure shows, passed away in December (12), and...

Gerry Anderson's Son Finds Stash Of Unseen Tv Scripts

Gerry Anderson's son has discovered a treasure trove of previously unseen Tv scripts written by the Thunderbirds creator before his death.The Tv mogul, who was famed for his puppet-based adventure shows, passed away in December...

Thunderbirds Are Go! Itv To Remake Classic Children's Tv Series

The Thunderbirds remake has been given the green-light, with ITV and The Hobbit studio in New Zealand teaming up to work on a new instalment of the classic children's television series. A 2015 release date...

Thunderbirds To Make Return To U.k Tv Screens

Everyone's favourite strings-attached pals, the timeless Thunderbirds puppets are set to return to screens in 2015, Sky News reports. This might be better for the generation of kids that grew up watching Thunderbirds and Captain...

Captain Scarlet And Thunderbirds Creator, Gerry Anderson, Dies Age 83.

Jamie Anderson, Gerry Anderson's son, made the announcement via his website on Boxing Day. The statement said: "I'm very sad to announce the death of my father, Thunderbirds creator, Gerry Anderson. He died peacefully in...

Thunderbirds Are Go Again?

The creator of British TV series THUNDERBIRDS has announced plans for a modern reboot of the 1960s classic.Gerry Anderson wants to bring his team of International Rescue adventurers back to life using animated graphics, instead...


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