If you don't know who Three Blind Wolves are yet then you sure, um, might after watching this video. The little known Scots are likely to appeal to fans of Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver and all that other folkie business, and the Scots have decided to announce the launch of their new album Sing Hallelujah For The Old Machine with new single In Here Somewhere and this new video, which is also in here somewhere - directly below in fact.

So the best thing about this video is quite obviously the bloke wearing the lego head, right? Though it looks a bit battered, as though he's fetched it from the original Legoland in Denmark itself, travelling back with it on the very canoe that he's seen using here with his pal (disappointingly Legohead-less) to paddle across a beautiful Scottish lock . It's the most interesting thing about the video.

What isn't interesting is the Scottish band's decision to turn this into a part-narrative part-live video. Though the church they're performing in is very pretty, the nature of their slow, wistful balladeering means that the admittedly large crowd they've assembled look pretty sullen and disaffected. Not exactly a great way to showcase your live presence. And get rid of that caterpillar chilling out on your upper lip lead singer. Still, there's a market for this sort of stuff right now so we've no doubt Three Blind Wolves (there are actually four of them. Shrewd move there with the name, lads) will do something or other. We just don't plan on being about when their new album is released May 6, 2013.