Married singers Shawna and Keifer Thompson were given the devastating news during a recent tour stop after Shawna's mother found herself ankle-deep in water while checking on the property, and the couple had to dash home.

Keifer tells ABC News Radio the flood was caused by a leak in an upstairs bathroom.

The Thompsons, who had only been living in the house for a little over a year, were forced to trash ruined furniture and rugs, but neighbours have helped them put a positive spin on the situation.

Shawna says, "It was so cute. One of the guys that came out to help us clean it out, he was like, 'I can’t believe stuff like this happens to people like Thompson Square!' We're just normal people like everybody else!"

The Thompsons have had a string of bad luck in recent weeks - members of their band and road crew were involved in a tour bus accident in Colorado earlier this month (Apr15).

Keifer jokes, "I'm waiting for lightning to strike."