Review of Sonic Dreamer Album by Thomas Truax

If you haven't heard of Thomas Truax, you are not alone in this. To set things straight, he is an American singer songwriter embarking on his solo work. This work is to set him aside from all of the bands and stand out on his own. It certainly does that!

Thomas Truax Sonic Dreamer Album

The more theatrical musicians seem to be seeping out of the woodwork this year and popping up in your ears.

Thomas Truax is more than just theatrical, he's a bit like the mad scientist making music in the lab with any tools or instruments he can find. Making a sound he loves and getting so into it that he doesn't register anyone else.

Yes it's a bit dreamy (as in Sonic Dreamer), but it's a sombre dream, a strange twisting tale of a dream. A dark Dickensian tale almost.

'The Chemicals Have Kidnapped Our Nicole Kidman' is actually quite catchy in its eccentricity. Where on earth he got this title from I have no idea, but if it wasn't for the 'noise' I'd quite like it. 'Sonic Dreamer' has a nice soothing element to it which is slightly ruined as the track continues.

Thomas Truax is a niche artist to say the least. If you like your dark, theatrical and inventive music, then give him a go. Honestly, it's hard to decide whether to humour him, or shy away from the madness.

Laura Johnstone

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