Thomas Gibson, the actor best known for Criminal Minds, was sprayed over the gossip rags this week after allegedly getting caught 'catfishing.' A nod to the documentary of the same name, the stories told how Gibson was conducting an online relationship with a complete stranger despite being married with three kids. poked fun at Gibson after a video surfaced online showing Gibson in a hot tub, speaking to his mystery woman. The actor was labelled a cheat, an online love rat - a premium Catfish victim. And then the truth came out.

Sources close to the couple - which basically means the couple themselves - confirmed that Gibson and his wife Christine had been separated for almost three years, though continued to live together for the sake of their children. 

The entertainment website were forced to conclude: "Bottom line: Gibson might be a sucker ... but he's no cheater."

The Criminal Minds star was also duped by the woman, whom he assumed to be a porn star he met on Twitter. Correspondence has lasted years, though the actor's lawyers recently told the woman to cease communication after he discovered she was not whom she said she was. 

Gibson is best known for playing Aaron Hotchner on the CBS crime-drama, as well as Daniel Nyland on Chicago Hope and Greg Montgomery on ABC's Dharma & Greg.

There's a lesson to be learnt he. Don't pile in until you have all the deets. 

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Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson, Best Known For Criminal Minds.