Radiohead rocker Thom Yorke has urged politicians to forge ahead with plans to combat climate change after a leading research project dismissed claims the issue has been overhyped.
Campaigners pushing for radical action to head off global warming were blindsided in 2009 when leaked emails from researchers in the U.K. suggested statistics had been manipulated.
A major investigation was undertaken by U.S. scientific group the Berkeley Earth Project in the wake of the allegations, and the results - confirming the Earth's surface is increasing in temperature - were published on Friday (21Oct11).
Environmentally-conscious Yorke has posted the results on the band's website and called for politicians to resume research into ways of dealing with the issue.
He writes, "The Berkeley Earth Project has concluded that the Earth is definitely warming. Set up after a bizarre last ditch campaign to question/sabotage the science of global warming in 2009 around 'climategate' this further undermines those who continue to tell us what we'd like to hear, that it ain't real and there's nothing to be done.
"Will it draw a big black thick line under this guff so that we can finally and seriously move on and start to change the way our world functions????"