Review of It Takes A Thief Album by Thievery Corporation

It Take A Thief is the long overdue 'best of' which sees the Thievery Corporation Rob Garza and Eric Hilton select their favourite Thievery Corporation tracks from the last decade (and more) and present them here in a career retrospective for the very first time. And what a trip it's been. The music is wide-ranging, using electronica as a base and incorporating many elements of music from across the world and mixing them to delightful effect, perfect for late night listening or for lounging around the bars in Brick Lane.

Thievery Corporation It Takes A Thief Album

The album features a rotating cast of instrumentalists and vocalists which can add or detract from the music depending on the piece. Vocals are used to best effect on Lebanese Blonde which feature the talents of late jazz chanteuse Pam Bricker. The track is introduced with a classical Indian style sounding sitar. Elements of acid jazz complete with a Mani- esque Stone Roses style bassline filter through album this is highlighted on Shadows of Ourselves. Elsewhere we get the dub reggae fused Amerimacka, the appropriately named Eastern sounding 'Facing East' and the Orb-a-like Holographic Universe.

Overall the music pretty much speaks for itself, however the production is sometimes a little too perfect. Their adventurous music is on occasion at odds with their pristine sound and sometimes you can't help wondering what they could really be if they let themselves go into a full Orb lysergic style overload. If that would ever be commercially viable to do so remains to be seen, but this retrospective serves as both an excellent introduction and celebrates the last decade and more of a very worthy electronic act.


Scott Causer

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