'Horrid Henry' star Theo Stevenson was "starstruck" by co-star Kimberley Walsh.

The 13-year-old actor plays the movie's titular character and was fascinated to meet the Girls Aloud singer, who plays his overactive cousin, Prissy Polly, in the children's film.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I was a bit starstruck by Kimberley Walsh. There was loads of hype around her starring in the film because she'd come on during one of the last days. She was really, really nice.

"I was also a bit starstruck by Mat Horne and [TV presenters] Dick and Dom, it was great to be in the film with them."

Scarlett Stitt, who plays Henry's Arch Enemy, Moody Margaret, said she was pleasantly surprised by the friendly nature of the movie's all-star cast - which includes 'Addams Family' actress Anjelica Huston, 'The Corpse Bride' actor Richard E. Grant and TV star Prunella Scales - because she thought they would be "aloof".

She said: "I thought all the big-names were going to be aloof and starry but it turns out they're really nice. Anjelica Huston was especially nice and on the last day she came down and eat lunch with us."

'Horrid Henry' was released in the UK on Friday (29.07.11).