Theo James ''pulled down Shailene Woodley's pants mid-scene'' in 'Divergent'.

The hunky British actor has a number of kissing scenes with his co-star in the eagerly-awaited fantasy novel adaptation, and says by the time they came toward the end of filming they were both very comfortable in each other's presence.

He said: ''It's helpful to joke [on set] and remember you're not solving world hunger. I pulled down Shai's pants mid-scene. Luckily, I don't think the cameras were rolling!''

Theo - who is dating Irish actress Ruth Kearney - also joked he kept making Shailene ''practise'' their kisses.

He added: ''I made her practise the kissing scene as much as possible. I'd say, 'Listen, tonight after dinner, can we just go over it again?' ''

Theo, 29, also said there are some characteristics he shares with his character, the mysterious Four.

He added in an interview with Us Weekly magazine: ''We share certain qualities. He's the type of guy who walks into a room and doesn't need to be the loudest voice, but you feel his presence. And he's a good, noble person.''