'Divergent' star Theo James was shocked by the sudden arrival of his brothers on set. during the filming of his sex scene with Shailene Woodley. The British actor has two brother and two sisters, all of which are older than him. Apparently, the bothers were flying out to see him on his last day of filming, but couldn't have believed what was waiting for them when they arrived.

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Talking to 'People' magazine, James revealed that: ''My sex scene with Shai was the last of the whole shoot, and my brothers had flown in for a trip to [Las] Vegas. Since filming was delayed, they literally walked off the plane and onto the set to see my getting funky. It was surreal. I got made fun of for months.''

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The 29-year-old actor is currently dating 'Gracie!' star, Ruth Kearney, yet he has also revealed his jokes about getting co-star Woodley to "practice" their kisses. James joked: ''I made her practise the kissing scene as much as possible. I'd say, 'Listen, tonight after dinner, can we just go over it again?'"