New cop drama Golden Boy premieres on CBS tonight (February 26, 2013) on the back of early reviews that suggest the network could have something rather interesting on its hands. The show traces the rise of Walter Clark - played by Theo James - who becomes youngest police commissioner in New York City after working the beat and later toiling as a homicide detective.

Golden Boy appears to come equipped with that very rare and highly sought after thing in the world of TV drama: good writing. Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal said, "Golden Boy is packed with fine performances, but no amount of actorly talent could have done for this series what its intelligently twisty plots, its nuanced dialogue bearing a distinct resemblance to human exchange - even from the mouths of TV police detectives - has done." Entertainment Weekly's Clark Collis made the obvious comparison that no critic REALLY wanted to make, writing, "To say this ground was covered better on The Wire is both an understatement and unnecessary - although the setup has promise," though it paints a picture of where CBS want to take Golden Boy. They have the standard cop show covered with CSI and NCIS - this latest series is a little more cerebral, a little more believable. 

Time will tell whether Golden Boy hangs around on CBS, though for the minute, things look promising. 

Watch The 'Golden Boy' Trailer: