The XX think it would be ''crazy'' to headline Glastonbury.

The band performed before Pyramid Stage headliners Radiohead at this year's event and their set was so well-received, they have been tipped to follow in their footsteps at a future festival but they still can't believe they've come that far.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson, who was sitting in for Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, singer and guitarist Romy Croft said: ''A few people have said that, the next step is, the only way you can go is up. I'm stumbling thinking about it because I think that does feel very crazy to me that that's even being talked about for us.

''We've come so much further than I ever imagined, I think that this band came from a really unambitious place, which I'm not embarrassed to say because, we were so private about making the music and we were so insular with it.

''Our first album, we genuinely didn't think anyone was going to hear it, so when a lot of people did, it was a shock.

''Now I think we have got ambitious, and we really love a challenge. So that's a win for me that you're even talking about us as a thought of Glastonbury headliners.''

Romy admitted she was nervous ahead of the band's performance at the world-famous festival, so made sure she stepped out onto the stage to watch one of the other acts before her own set.

She said: ''Looking out and seeing people sing along and seeing people get lost in the moment is really beautiful.''

''For some reason, that was the bit that I thought was going to get me, so when I saw the flags, that was going to throw me off, so I made a point of going up on the stage before we played.

''I watched a bit of Royal Blood and that really helped my nerves, just getting up there and being like, 'OK, it's a festival, it's a festival stage, I've been on this before'. I just kept being like, 'it's Glastonbury, it's so massive, it's so important to us', and I think I was just scaring myself.''