For someone who was incredibly lucky to still be in The X Factor come the final three, Chris Maloney has been behaving like someone entitled to talent and fame. Unfortunately, for him, he's lacking the former and enjoys the latter because of it.

Following his failure on the Saturday night final, when he was voted off, Chris's exit was unceremonious to say the least. But wanting his cake (telling everyone what he thought of him not winning) and eating it (coming back to perform in Sunday night's medley) Chris has shown his immature side, turning up for rehearsals drunk, before begging to be allowed back on the show after allegedly using the c-word. Speaking to The Sun, Carolynne Poole - a former fellow contestant explained: "He came in and basically, because I didn't say hi and kiss his a***, he called me a c***. Everyone heard it, even Jahmene, who was upset. We were rehearsing the group song and he wouldn't even stand next to me."

It looks as if Chris's ridiculous behaviour, considering he always talked about making the most of his opportunity, has cost him a place on the X-Factor tour due to take place in 2013. Not only is he missing out on a highly lucrative set of gigs, but he may have proven to temperamental to work with, crushing his already farfetched dream of being a recording artist.