A teenager's one night stand as The Who's drummer in 1973 has topped a new poll of rock's most absurd moments.

Teenage drummer THOMAS HALPIN took over Keith Moon's drum stool when the drugged-up rocker passed out during a show in San Francisco.

Nothing came of Halpin's moment in the spotlight, after he was pulled up from the audience to play with his heroes, apart from free food backstage, the chance to meet the group and a tour jacket, which was stolen later the same night.

But now Halpin has been remembered in men's magazine FHM, as they count down the 50 Most Absurd Moments In Rock.

Editors gave the wannabe's moment of glory the edge over Madonna's steamy session with forgotten rapper Vanilla Ice in her SEX book and former Van Halen star David Lee Roth's urinating giant devil concert prop, which actually provided him with a stream of JACK DANIELS.

The top 10 is:


2. MADONNA's sex session with VANILLA ICE.

3. DAVID LEE ROTH's urinating devil which sprayed Jack Daniels on his audiences.

4. James Brown running from the law after going on the rampage with a shotgun.

5. Lou Reed turns Kung-Fu master.

6. Bob Dylan beats up fan AJ WEBERMAN for looting his trash.

7. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler casts his sexy daughter LIV in the group's saucy videos.

8. Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi creates heavy metal after losing two fingertips while cutting sheet metal.

9. Michael Jackson's HISTORY statue, which he sailed down The Thames in Britain to promote the album.

10. The creation of 'alien rockers' GWAR.

13/10/2003 21:10