The Weeknd and Daft Punk are being sued by a singer-songwriter for plagiarism regarding elements of their collaborative track ‘Starboy’.

The French dance music hooked up with The Weekend – real name Abel Tesfaye – worked on the 2016 hit single ‘Starboy’ together, the lead single from The Weeknd’s album of the same name. Now, according to TMZ, the two artists are the subject of a reported $5 million lawsuit from Somali-American poet and singer Yasminah, who claims they ripped off her song ‘Hooyo’.

Yasmin ‘Yasminah’ Mohamed, who recorded her track way back in 2009, accuses The Weeknd and Daft Punk of “stealing the beat” for their track, as well as utilising the “same hook, same key and a similar tempo”.

The WeekndThe Weeknd is being sued by Somali-American singer Yasminah

The reports indicate that Yasminah has threatened Tesfaye with legal action previously, and that two of her producers had reached a private settlement. However, she now claims that, as she hasn’t seen a penny of that money herself, she’s been forced to issue a lawsuit again.

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To help her case, court documents apparently feature Mohamed citing dozens of BTL comments on YouTube from snarky listeners noting the uncanny difference between her song and ‘Starboy’.

“’Starboy’s hook is a virtually identical copy of ‘Hooyo’s hook. The material repeats every two measures during ‘Starboy’s eight-measure verse,” the lawsuit is said to read. She says Tesfaye became familiar with her song because it was popular with the “East African diaspora of which The Weeknd is connected.”

Yasminah is additionally suing her own record label, The Squad, and producers William Uschold and Tyrone Dangerfield saying they settled with The Weeknd over ‘Hooyo’ — and then cut her out of the deal.

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