The Wanted have been forced to ban alcohol in their dressing room.

The 'Glad You Came' hitmakers - Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran - have been told to calm down their drunken antics by their management to protect their voices, so they have replaced it with ginger ale.

Max told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We have been banned from having beer in our dressing rooms. So we have ginger ale and all that kind of stuff instead.

''They want us to look after our voices and stay out of trouble from now on.''

Jay added: ''You know when you're a kid and you get the report that says 'easily distracted'. Well The Wanted are easily distracted.''

Earlier this week, Max admitted he shaved half of Jay's signature curly locks off after getting drunk, but is pleased with his intoxicated effort.

He said: ''I actually cut it on a drunken night in and I think it looks alright. It was impromptu, but I think he's looking pretty smart.''

Max previously admitted he was a big drinker and insists he can drink more pints than his fellow bandmates.

When asked about his intake on an average night partying, he said: ''Probably 15 pints. [But] I'm always on my feet. You'll never see me falling over. For longevity, I'd say I was the best drinker in the band.''