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Lindsay Lohan: Opts Out Of Court And In To London With The Wanted

Lindsay Lohan The Wanted

While no one will be surprised that Lindsay has chosen to party rather than attend court, everyone will definitely be disappointed.

Her apparently platonic relationship with The Wanted's Max George (platonic for cameras, at least), has been widely reported and George has said that they think they're keeping her out of trouble. However, it is their company that has induced Lohan to choose to sack off court in favour of hopping on a plane to London with the boys, Extra reports.

She left a tweet saying "I heart the UK" which implies that she's there. However, tomorrow (12th Dec) she's due to appear in court in relation to the car crash she caused and later lied about to police last June. Although her attendance isn't obligatory, she's truly skating on thin ice with her numerous charges and breaks of probation. We're surprised she's even allowed to leave the country!

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The Lindsay Lohan Challenges: Getting An Apology And Keeping Her Out Of Trouble

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen The Wanted

Both Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have been in the press lately for far less negative nuggets of news than normally befalls them. Sheen became a magnanimous philanthropist by giving Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her tax debts. And Lohan has been kind-of romantically linked to Max George of The Wanted.

Lindsay has been seen with The Wanted boys at three days of their Jingle Ball tour in Philadelphia, Massachusetts and New York. George spoke to a New York radio station about their relationship with Lindsay: "I think we've proved to ourselves, if we can stay out of trouble and keep her out of trouble this week, then we're obviously outstanding citizens of the community, and we've managed to do both, so I'm quite proud of that." Jay McGuiness, another member of The Wanted, added, "Aside from the first night (when she was arrested)." While speaking positively about the young red-head, George implied confirmation that she's drinking again, reported SFGate, saying: "She always brings vodka to the table, that's definitely one thing. It's fine. She's good company." 

Sheen's philanthropy, while we all revered him for such a good deed, has apparently gone unnoticed from Lohan who hasn't even thanked him reports the Examiner. "I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you.' Anything, you know?" He said, "I wish her the best. She just needs a little bit of time ... People need to give her time to get her sh*t together."  Hopefully with the kindness Lohan is receiving from both Sheen and George she can 'get her sh*t together' in time to save her life and career.

Lindsay Lohan Was Wanted On The Wanted's Tour Bus

The Wanted Lindsay Lohan

It was reported yesterday (7th Dec. '12) that Lindsay Lohan had appeared backstage at a The Wanted gig in Philadelphia's Jingle Ball, but Max George- who she was reportedly there to see- denied inviting her. Since then however, TMZ has been told that he did invite her to come along. Just as she asked her to join them on their tour bus as they took their show to Boston.

George's love live has recently come to a sharp stop as he and his girlfriend broke up not long ago. It has been reported that he's not looking for a girlfriend and doesn't want one, but apparently LiLo didn't get that memo. Lindsay's dating history isn't too hot either, she has been single for a while now, but in the past she's been linked to Calum Best, and a highly publicised relationship with Mark Ronson's sister, DJ Samantha Ronson. She has since described the latter relationship as 'toxic', telling US Weekly that "two toxic people cannot be together." Since their relationship ended in 2009, she has been single so we can hardly blame her for looking for love, regardless of gender.

For now, George isn't totally put off by Lindsay, a source told TMZ: "doesn't want a girlfriend, and is a single guy ... but doesn't mind having Lindsay around." However, LiLo might do well taking a leaf out of the irritatingly wholesome country singer Taylor Swift who seems to be fighting guys off with a stick. 

Super Groupie Time For Lindsay Lohan, Travelling On The Wanted’s Tour Bus Between Gigs

Lindsay Lohan The Wanted

Quick! Someone print Lindsay Lohan one of those “I’m With The Band” t-shirts. According to TMZ, the beleaguered young actress has been behaving like a super-groupie, following English / Irish boy band The Wanted around and even travelling in the tour bus with them, between shows. It seems that her recent brush with the law (‘which one?’ we hear you cry!) hasn’t put her off hanging out with the boy band, who seem to be encouraging her presence and Max even admitted inviting her backstage at the Philly Jungle Ball last night.

It was Max that was reported to have been at the centre of Lohan’s recent nightclub bust-up. She was arrested for assaulting another girl in the club and rumor has it, it was all over Max George. According to TMZ’s source, Max “doesn’t mind having Lindsay around” but stressed that the two of them are definitely not a couple, as some media outlets have been hinting. He “doesn't want a girlfriend, and is a single guy,” apparently. Still, Lindsay seems pretty keen to get her claws into him. Or maybe one of the other members of the band.

In fact, in the pictures published by the Daily Mail, she can be seen sharing a joke with Max’s band-mate Tom backstage at their gig in Boston last night (Thursday December 6, 2012). Clutching a packet of cigarettes, Lindsay looks to be in high spirits, walking between the pair, as Max looks on nonchalantly. Max recently split from his fiancée, British soap star Michelle Keegan, back in August.

The Wanted Max George Is Wanted By Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan The Wanted

Quite often, it seems, Lindsay Lohan is wanted... for crimes. These crimes include DUIs, theft and more recently, hitting a woman in a club in New York. Now though it's LiLo that's wanting, and what she wants is Max George from The Wanted. However, while a few years ago everyone may have jumped at the chance to date LiLo, her poorly judged escapades over the past few years have effectively black listed her, and he is simply not interested.

TMZ report that she was 'hanging out' with The Wanted, backstage at the Jingle Bell Ball, but apparently, Max has denied any association with her, claiming that he didn't invite her and in fact had no idea that she was even going to be attending. The fight that Lohan had last week with Tiffany Mitchell was reportedly about her speaking to George, but fellow The Wanted member Jay McGuiness says that's not true. 

"It's a bit of a blur actually, but some sort of scuffle with a fortune teller," he told MTV, "It was very odd. We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about Max, but I don't think it actually was." He even went on to describe her as a 'sweetheart', which is probably the highest praise she's received since reviews for The Parent Trap came out.

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Pictures: Justin Bieber, Ke$ha And A Who's Who Of 2012 Pop Play The Second Night Of KIIS FM's Jingle Ball

Justin Bieber Kesha Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner The Wanted Psy Alicia Keys Flo Rida Carly Rae Jepsen

Justin Bieber, KIIS Jingle Ball

Justin Bieber performs on the second night of the KIIS Jingle Ball, but he was far from the only star of the evening

Justin Bieber was among those performing at the second night of the KIIS FM Jingle Ball, with pretty much anyone who's been anyone making an appearance over the radio network's massive two-dayer. Sunday night (December 2) at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles saw current chart sensation Taylor Swift coming up against The Jonas Brothers - who found themselves eclipsed by the star. Last night, though (December 3), it was the turn of Bieber - still deep into his lengthy tour - Ke$ha, YouTube sensation Psy and fast rising British group The Wanted, among others, to provide the party.

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Wanted! Lindsay Lohan Punched Woman Over Boy Band Star Max George

Lindsay Lohan The Wanted

Well, Lindsay Lohan's world has just got that little bit weirder. The Hollywood actress was arrested on Thursday (November 29, 2012) for allegedly punching another woman in the face at a nightclub in New York. According to, Lohan screamed something along the lines of "give me my space" to her eventual victim, though it seems she had other reasons for the bust-up.

Sources say Lindsay punched the woman over Max George from the boy band The Wanted, who was previously dating the British soap-star Michelle Keegan. Lohan had been to the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden - but not to see the teenage Canadian in action. She had her sights set on Max, who had opened the show with his band. She tried to get backstage afterwards but was blocked by security though managed to find Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar later in the evening. The four of them - along with one of the actress' friends - headed out to club Avenue together but not before Max was swarmed by adoring female fans, even kissing "a few."

As the evening wore on, Lohan became "drunker and drunker" and caught Max speaking to the woman who she eventually set upon. According to sources at the venue, Max was turned off by the fact Lindsay was "sloppy drunk" and she eventually wound up in jail. The boy band star seemingly referenced the incident in a tweet, telling fans, "eventful night!!"

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Fight! One Direction's Zayn Malik Calls Max George 'Chlamydia Boy'

One Direction Zayn Malik The Wanted

The feud between One Direction's Zayn Malik and The Wanted's Max George appears to have intensified after the X Factor star called his rival "chlamydia boy." After a day of bitchy tweets to each other, Zayn's comment appeared to take things to a whole new level.

Max, who is currently in Canada with The Wanted as they tour with Justin Bieber, told Malik, "tell me you're problems without the 8 security in NYC.. The only problem I have with you is the s*** banter. Grow up son." You'd have to be a detective to figure out the ins and outs of their exchanges, though Zayn appeared to call Max the "geek of the week." When The Wanted star replied, "Does that mean I'm 'in'?", Malik offered, "'I'm not sure why your still talking to me mate conversation ended when I called you a geek. p.s your display just how's how much of a wannabe you are :)" Later, Max told Zayn to "enjoy rehearsals" but "stay off the clearly makes u cranky," which is when Zayn delivered the insult, "alright chlamydia boy ;)"


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Video - The Wanted's Nathan Sykes Is Comforted By Fans As He Misses Dallas Flight

Nathan Sykes from British pop band The Wanted chats with fans at Las Vegas' McCarron International Airport after missing his flight to Dallas, Texas. He reveals that he feels 'hurt' thinking about the people who were expecting him there and expresses his regret about the situation.

The gutted teenager took to Twitter after the incident. 'So today has been a nightmare and have found myself facing the prospect of possibly not making the gig tonight. The race to Dallas is on...', he wrote before later confirming that he eventually made it to the gig

Video - The Wanted Pose At Empire State Building

British-Irish musicians Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George and Jay McGuiness from The Wanted laugh and joke while posing for photographers at the Empire State Building, New York. They soon become distracted and start photographing the view over the balcony and gazing through binoculars. They eventually turn back around for more photos after much insistence from the photographers.

The 3 year strong band's fourth single, Warzone, came out in December soon after their third, Lighting, which came in at number two in the UK charts and number five in Ireland

Video - The Wanted Are All Hugs As They Meet Fans In Canada

Following on from an acoustic set for fans at a shopping mall in Ontario, pop five-piece The Wanted took part in an extensive autograph session with fans. The band appear relaxed and happy to individually meet people regardless of the hysteric screams that drowned the mall upon their arrival and until their departure.

The video shows the group happily signing posters and other merchandise and even warmly embracing each fan as a sign of gratitude as well as a reassuring indication that their trans-Atlantic fame has yet to get to their heads. With the meteoric rise of One Direction in America The Wanted look set to capitalise on the latest invasion of British artists on American shores having completed their first tour of the States earlier this year

Video - The Wanted Are A Screaming Sensation At Toronto Meet And Greet

UK Boyband sensation The Wanted was introduced to a squadron of screaming fans at Bamelea City Centre Mall in Canada earlier this month. Fans were in hysterics as the band was ushered onto a stage in the shopping centre where they performed an acoustic gig before taking part in an autograph session. The 'Glad You Came' singers had no time to exchange words with fans as they were hastily brought on stage by the extensive security crew, but were able to salute and encourage the audience's cheers once on stage.

The band finished their first tour of America earlier this year before embarking on their first arena tour of the British Isles, ending in Dublin on March 9th
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