Review of You and Me Album by The Walkmen

Album review of 'You and Me' by The Walkmen released through Gigantic - The Walkmen's last album 'A Hundred Miles Off' didn't really strike much of an accord with many of their fans, for most, it felt rather inconsistent and didn't have much direction or anything that would make you listen to it again. The Walkmen have always had quite an air of cool about them but the last album did make some fans doubt them. How glad I am to tell you that with their new album 'You and Me' The Walkmen are back on track!

The Walkmen You and Me Album

Similar to the way when people go to watch Radiohead always want them to play Creep, The Walkmen's song 'The Rat' is their Creep, with the release of You and Me there is the addition of at least half a dozen other crowd pleasers that match the efforts of The Rat.

The bands punk heart combined with their rythms create a fantastic soundscape, tracks like In The New Year, 'I Lost You' and 'Seven Years of Holidays The New Year' are additions to their best ever writing. All in all, it makes for an essential purchase.

Rating 9/10

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