It feels like an eternity since the season two of Telltale’s excellent Walking Dead game kicked off with its first episode. Now, finally, the trailer for episode two has been released, bringing with it an imminent release date and major hype for the next instalment in Clem’s story.

Walking Dead Season 2Clem has to fight for herself in Season 2 of The Walking Dead

In the trailer, we are confronted with a new character; a man hell bent on finding the group Clem came to loggerheads with in the first episode. It’s pretty obvious why he wants to find them: Rebecca and the baby. Clem seems stuck in the middle, talking to the enigmatic man while still travelling with her new group. With this new trailer for A House Divided, we edge closer to the actual release, which should have a date soon enough if Telltale’s previous patters are repeated.

The second season of The Walking Dead game sees Clem take centre stage after Lee was dramatically killed off – by Clem – in the first season. Older, wiser and hardened, she now has to navigate the zombie-infested landscape alone, with Omid and Christa gone, which brings us to the first episode’s roundup.

So: Omid is shot by that crazy lady in the rest stop; Christa shoots her in the stomach. 16 months later, Clem and Christa are travelling alone – Christa is no longer pregnant but the baby is nowhere to be seen. While camping in the woods, Christa is held at gunpoint by some travelling bandits, which Clem hears and attempts to diffuse by throwing a rock. A fight ensues, including a walker, and Clem ends up falling in a fast-flowing river and being washed away.

Now alone, Clem wakes up wounded and disorientated. She stumbles across a dog, who seems friendly at first but turns as soon as Clem finds some food. Clem is bitten and is forced to kill the dog – which she named Sam. Soon enough, Clem is saved by Luke and Pete, who take her back to their group. Luke and Pete discover the bite, and panic, thinking it’s a walker bite and that she’ll soon turn.

Walking Dead All That RemainsThings go bad in The Walking Dead: All That Remains, it always does...

It’s Pete who eventually decides to give Clem the benefit of the doubt, taking her back to Carlos – the doctor of the group – to examine the wound. After a lengthy discussion, Clem is made to stay in the shed outside until the morning to see if she turns or not. Dismayed at being shunned outside, and desperately in need of medical attention for her arm, Clem decides to break into the house to look for supplies.

She finds what she needs and stiches her own arm up. While in the house, Clem sees Rebecca fretting over her baby and befriends Sarah, Carlos’ daughter. The next day, Clem is examined by Carlos and learns more about the group, like the fact that Nick's mother had been previously killed by a bite victim they had allowed to join them. Rebecca warns that Clementine shouldn't get too comfortable around the group.

The next day, while fishing, several fresh corpses are discovered. Clementine discovers one of the men is still alive, and is actually one of the bandits who attacked her and Christa. Clem then has the option to give him water… or not. Pete's attacked and bitten on the leg as walkers close in from both sides, forcing Clementine into making the first big decision of season 2: save Nick or Pete. Clem and whoever the player chooses to save then rush away into the woods.