Without a doubt one of Telltale Games' most prominent and inspired projects, the video game version of 'The Walking Dead' was first brought to players in 2012. Introducing a barrage of new faces that haven't been a part of the comic book series or the television show, exciting and fresh stories have been told through the Telltale releases, that have dropped in a sequence of 'seasons'.

Danai Gurira as Michonne in 'The Walking Dead' season 6Danai Gurira as Michonne in 'The Walking Dead' season 6

It's been confirmed that the game will be coming to an end next year with its final season, so talk has been rife about exactly how we'll catch up with the characters in the future.

Asked over the weekend at New York Comic Con whether we could see a crossover, with characters from the world of Telltale Games moving onto the small screen, Kirkman gave a firm and definitive response: "Nope."

This will come as a blow to those who have spent years making choices on behalf of the characters in the Telltale video game, but the fact that those games have been so fluid in their stories may be exactly why they don't make it onto television.

Of course, as we know with promises of the past, things can always change when it comes to 'The Walking Dead'. It was just earlier this year that those working on 'TWD' and sister show 'Fear The Walking Dead' said a crossover between the two series would never work, but the rumour mill was laid to rest this past weekend when Kirkman divulged that they would in fact be working on a crossover in the near future.

With such a wealth of characters to choose from, we find it hard to believe that the likes of Clementine or somebody she's worked with for all of this time will never be shown on TV. This is one we're going to keep an eye on for sure.

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'The Walking Dead' returns to AMC in the US on October 22, before returning to FOX in the UK on October 23.