'The Walking Dead' may seem to be losing steam when it comes to viewing numbers, ratings and reviews, but the universe it's opened up, for spinoff series 'Fear The Walking Dead' and a number of future projects, shows no signs of slowing down. So much so in fact, that Scott Gimple recently promised a whole slew of spinoffs would be making their way to television and other outlets in the near future.

Greg Nicotero has some big ideas for the future of 'The Walking Dead'Greg Nicotero has some big ideas for the future of 'The Walking Dead'

That opened up the conversation amongst the fan base of what exactly we should expect. Whilst no official details have been announced, it's fun to try and guess what creators have up their sleeves. Producer Greg Nicotero has now also entered that conversation.

As somebody we'd imagine would want to keep their cards close to their chest, it's interesting to hear a little bit about what he wants to do in the future with the franchise. 

Speaking with FANDOM, the producer explained how he wanted to try something different in the coming years within the 'Walking Dead' universe: "The one thing that the comic book does great [is] when they introduce the cold weather and the winter. I had even written some webisodes that took place with a frozen zombie herd. And I think that our hopes are — my hopes — would be that we would get into an entirely different location, like a cold weather scenario. Because frozen zombies are f–ing awesome. Until they thaw out and then you’re screwed. Because they would freeze and thaw out, and they would be fine."

Also saying that he'd like the next 'Walking Dead' spinoff to take place outside of the United States, it could be possible that we'll be moving to a European country to tackle the cold weather zombie storyline, or maybe Russia would be a nice playground for the legions of flesh eaters?

Whatever the case may be, the idea is certainly an interesting one, and something that may bring back in old fans who have felt a little put off by the recent seasons of the original show. 

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 continues Sundays in the US on AMC and Mondays in the UK on FOX.