'The Walking Dead' is going through some major changes on the small screen, with one of the leading characters being killed off in upcoming episodes, marking a huge deviation from the tale being told on the pages of the original comic book series. With that in mind, viewers have now come to terms with the fact that literally anything could happen on AMC's leading series, including the death of the show's biggest character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Andrew Lincoln has starred as Rick Grimes for eight seasons of 'The Walking Dead' to-dateAndrew Lincoln has starred as Rick Grimes for eight seasons of 'The Walking Dead' to-date

Rick is someone who has in the past been confirmed to be one day meeting his maker before 'The Walking Dead' comes to an end by creator Robert Kirkman, and now the writer has resisted turning his back on that looming plot twist.

Speaking aboard the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise, Kirkman once again addressed Grimes' future, replying when asked if the character would die: "Yeah of course."

Asked who might take over as the lead whenever that may happen, he offered only a little bit of a tease, and said: "Well, that's a question, right? Who knows? Maybe it's a character that hasn't been introduced yet. Maybe it'll be Judith, who knows?"

We imagine that a major time jump would have to occur in the TV series to see Judith leading the group of survivors, as right now she's an innocent child! When she does grow old however, she'll have aged in a world where all she's ever known is killing off zombies to survive, taking out other survivors if they pose a threat to your group, and doing whatever is necessary to keep her life. She's going to be a killing machine, with little to no compassion. Her journey is perhaps the most exciting and interesting one yet to be told.

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 returns with its midseason premiere on Sunday, February 25 in the US on AMC and on Monday, February 26 on FOX in the UK.