The View frontman Kyle Falconer has entered rehab in Thailand to battle his addictions. The singer has postponed his wedding to fiancée Laura and admitted, “This is my last chance.” It comes after he hit rock bottom last month when he was removed from a flight to Spain after causing a disturbance.

Kyle FalconerKyle Falconer has entered rehab in Thailand.

Speaking to The Daily Record, Falconer said: “I know for a fact that I have a problem but it’s hard to bite your tongue sometimes and straight away I start blaming everyone else. I say they were as bad as me but they’re not the people needing to go to rehab.”

“It’s weird. I’ve been in denial so long, I’m used to saying, ‘It’s not me, I was just drunk.’ So I was never even apologetic as I couldn’t remember doing anything. Being told the next day what you’ve been up to, it’s not normal. And I go to extremes.”

The frontman says he’s tried every from medication to being tested for bipolar disorder. "I just don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he continued. “There definitely is a lack of taking responsibility with me but I genuinely can’t remember doing the things I do. This is my last chance, I think.”

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Falconer will spend a minimum of 56 days at Lanna Rehab in Chiang Ma, undergoing a gruelling programme, which starts at 7.30am with tough physical exercise and ends with a 10pm curfew. Falconer says his fiancée has flown to Thailand to show her support.

"I’ve had to put off the wedding. But I just have to suck it up,” he said. “I feel s*** about leaving my fiancee Laura but she’s come here too. She’s just down the road so I can see her when the time is right. She’s going teetotal too so she’s right with me.”

The View first found fame in 2007 with single ‘Same Jeans’ which reached number three in the UK. Their debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers, entered the UK album chart at number one in the same year and is their most successful record to date.