The View claim they need drugs to finish their songs.

The 'Same Jeans' hitmakers recorded the majority of their forthcoming third album 'Bread and Circuses' while sober, but frontman Kyle Falconer insists the group needed inspiration from illegal substances at certain points.

He said: "You can't write with no influence. The only thing I ever wrote when I wasn't under The Influence was the last verse lyrics to 'Same Jeans', that's the only thing."

When asked about taking cocaine specifically, he replied : "That's how we can write songs. If we'd never been with the candyman, we'd never have been able to write songs. When we were writing 'Tragic Magic' we went and got loads of CHICO. We had to get off our t**s to finish it."

The Scottish rockers' bass player Kieran Webster admitted they only finished the record because of the presence of drugs in the studio.

He said: "All of the supplies were there, so we had no excuse to finish it."

'Bread and Circuses' is released on March 6.