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Re Nicole's comments on Bush, N.O. and Katrina..this was entirely insulting and painful for Katrina survivors. Please stick to what you Know. Fact: Bush did more to impede assistance and progress than to help. Brad Pitt and Jimmy Carter did and Do Far More than one should ever expect. New and safer? A longtime Lakeview resident, like many others, I fled the city for an exburb to escape the horrific post-Katrina violence and the unfamiliar lingering blight. No attention was paid to upper mid class Lakeview, also destroyed by the man made disaster, The 'New and better' legacy left behind? Hundred year old mini-mansions and leg. ones replaced by modular homes, its first crime wave, and an absence of oak trees that once lined the streets. Bush provided lip service, while unaffiliated group arrived to Help. This man was ineffective and left not only our city, but our country in deplorable condition. He acknowledges this. Why is it so difficult for individuals to accept the truth, while criticizing a man who met the challenges and overcame them without the assistance of a do-nothing House?

Posted 6 years 2 months ago by pmr0943

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To lead singer of the view,Shut the [email protected]!k up! First who are you to implore a legend such as Led Zeppelin to not tour. Second you should really be a relavent music act to even consider such a statement. Third I've heard Plant sing at 9 occasions and he never sounded like he was screaming like [email protected] You really should become a great band first, possibly sell a quarter of a billion records, become a Hall of Fame Rock God Icon and not have a band name that is about a women point of view talk show before you talk any smack about someone who you'll never be compared to or be as important musically as. Ciao

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by Zoso

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Although not a rosie fan, she has a right to her opinion. That is what america is all about. I don't blame her, I would have quit also. Elizabeth was only asked to answer a question, which she never did. I never watched the show because as "the Donald said, she is the dumbest spokesperson on TV. She attacked Rosie, not the other way around. Elizabeth even attacked Joy and was looking over her shoulder as she read her notes. Let her take her tacky leather shoes and exit the View's set. I hope Rosie gets her own show. She works better alone.

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by jestelle

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Hey man what a band, my gran used to live in dryburgh street, can't remember the number but i used to come over from fife at the weekends, come to think of it the bus stop was over the road from her house and a rowan tree was at the front gate, anyway spent a lot of great weekends in lochee, dodging the fleet, back to the view, music is great lads a breath of fresh air and you are one of the coolest bands i have heard for a while and listen i've been into music a very long time, i kid you not. the view they are certainly on fire.Wull

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by the fly fifer

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At nearly 40 years of age and and old punk/new wave fan, it's not often I hear a track or a band that blows me away first time I hear it or them. The View have just done that. Blown me away. Thanks go to Jo Wylie and Radio 1 for introducing me. I just hope they live up to their obvious potential

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by Fentyke

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