Former The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft disappointed fans in Australia by storming off stage at a music festival after just one song.
The singer was due to perform a set at the Splendour in the Grass event in Woodford, Queensland, on Sunday night (01Aug10) with his new band, the United Nations of Sound.
But he walked off just minutes into his performance, kicking over his microphone stand and throwing a tambourine at the drum kit, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
A source tells the newspaper, "It looked as if someone in the crowd or a photographer had upset him. He stormed off and 15 minutes later an announcement was made saying that Richard Ashcroft wouldn't be returning because he had lost his voice."
Subsequent reports claim the star was upset with the low turn-out of fans who gathered in front of the stage to watch his show. The dismal attendance was blamed on the decision to put Ashcroft's band on at the same time as music legends the Pixies and popular duo Empire of the Sun were performing elsewhere at the event.