Review of Love Is Noise Single by The Verve

Review of The Verve's single 'Love Is Noise'.

The Verve Love Is Noise Single

The comeback trail for Wigan's finest is almost complete as The Verve are set to release their new Single 'Love Is Noise'. After completing their tour and doing every festival possible, the band somehow found time to record an album together which is imaginatively named 'Fourth'

Looking back at The Thaw sessions, it seemed as if the guys had reclaimed their youth and were back in the mind set of when they released 'A Storm In Heaven' and 'A Northern Soul' leaving the majority of The Verve faithful wanting more and waiting in anticipation for the new material to make it's way into record stores. 'Love Is Noise' is the first "real" release since 'Sonnet' and really it has to be said that this tune is a bit of mixed bag really. The best way to describe this is that it is the missing jigsaw piece between 'A Northern Soul' and 'Urban Hymns', where the band went from intense to.

.well to a more radio friendly pop sound. You sense that the song just needs to burst out and that McCabe's guitar is being held back. For the people that got into The Verve in the later stages of their career will lap it up, as for the fans that were there from the start, I think that they might hold back on their judgement until they have heard the album.


Mark Moore

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