Review of Hook Me Up Album by The Veronicas

Review of The Veronicas album Hook me Up.

The Veronicas Hook Me Up Album

Famous in their native Australia for sometime, twins Jessica and Lisa Origliasso aka The Veronicas have grown up in the media spotlight. They’ve featured in a TV, released their debut in 2005, have a clothing line and even caused a tabloid stir with alleged topless pictures. Originally available in 2007, this is their second record which is now being given a global push.

Already a Top Ten UK hit and endorsed by the ‘FIFA 09’ game, ‘Untouched’ opens the album and pretty much lays down the shape of things to come. Dance beats, classic strings and crunching guitars are married to the sisters’ screechy vocals with plenty of electro-pop hooks. It’s a tried formula – remember t.A.T.u.? – that in small doses is just about acceptable but over the course of an album is bloated and grates. Title track ‘Hook Me Up’ is certainly sassy and sexy, while ‘Take Me On The Floor’ shares similar qualities and could fill dance floors, but the lack of variation and song development makes for very stale listening. The few ballads are uninspired, but what is apparent is that the girls are much more convincing at conveying vitriol than they are happiness – ‘Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)’ certainly betters, for example, ‘This Love’. If The Veronicas are to take global success they would perhaps be best advised to expand their darker palette on their next record.

Alex Lai

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