The Vamps - Interview

19 September 2013

Interview with the The Vamps September 2013

Interview with the The Vamps September 2013

YouTube's latest musical success story is displayed in the fresh faces of four young men referred to, as the next hit boy band: The Vamps. Their classy image and iconic covers have built the band a reputation which doesn't encapsulate what this band is truly about: creating music. Determined to write original material, The Vamps spent time in New York working alongside the Espionage production team working on their debut album due for release 2014. 

The Vamps talk to us about their musical influences, the support from their fans and the power of social mediums effect on the music industry. 

CM: Your brand new single, Can We Dance is released on the 29th September; can you tell us a bit about it?
James: We are really excited about our first single- we've worked hard on trying to make our first single something that stands out with a bold statement and we hope that people will like it!

CM: The video has already got over 1,000,000 views. Were you expecting the immediate success it received?
James: Not at all! We were blown away by the response! A massive thank you from us to all those who have been sharing our video with their friends! 

CM: You've obtained a mass fan bass despite releasing limited material. Do you find the expectation from your debut EP exciting or pressurising?
James: I think we'd be silly to not be a bit nervous with the launch of our EP, but generally we are tremendously excited! We can't wait to show the world exactly what we've been so busy working on!

CM: You're being compared to hit boy bands: One Direction and the Wanted, how do you respond to these comparisons?
James:  We love boy bands! It's amazing how successful some of these bands are right now and we'd be over the moon if we could replicate even a degree of their success! 

CM: You original released covers of famous songs via YouTube, including: Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and One Direction. Is this a fair reflection of the music that inspires you?
James:  Yes! We like to cover songs that we enjoy ourselves. Furthermore, we hope to cover songs that people actually want to hear! We are inspired by a lot of different music, but pop music is a genre that we all love!  

CM: You're due to open for Selena Gomez at London Hammersmith, how does that feel?
James:  Supporting such an incredible artist was mind boggling! We were humbled to be given that incredible opportunity and hope that her fans enjoyed our set. 

CM: Can fans be expected a Selena Gomez cover in the future?
Tris: I would love to cover 'If You're Ready'; I think the drums are awesome. It's hard because there are so many songs we would like to cover and we never seem to have time. I'm not ruling it out though.

CM: You've been writing the album in New York, was the writing process important for you to have creative control of?
Brad: It was incredible to have the opportunity to write in New York, I think it was massively important to us to have creative control; me and James started the band and wrote songs for like a year straight in our bedrooms so it's a big part of the Vamps for everyone definitely! 

CM: What was it like working with the Espionage production team?
Con: It was awesome to work with Espionage; they have a really cool way of doing things! Although our voices were dead after! 

CM: You supported McFly in early 2013, what was it like being on tour with such a successful band and performing in front of such large crowds?
Tris: It was quite scary as those were our first real shows but McFly were really good with us and gave us great support.

CM: You've accumulated a mass online following, how important do you think social media has been on your career?
Brad: Social media has a huge part to play, its how we all found each other and its how we've gained our fan base, it's an incredible platform now especially as it opens you up internationally from day one. Also I think it's a great tool for meeting new musicians, rather than looking through ad's in NME you can go onto YouTube and see people there and then. 

CM: Was your intention of releasing videos via YouTube a way to ultimately get signed to a major label?
Con: Well I actually joined the band after the other guys were signed to the label so I missed out on the first few videos but YouTube is our favourite platform for sure! I guess we just put them on there for fun and it's just worked out this way - we are very lucky! 

CM: How does it feel to be signed to Mercury records?
Tris: The label name seems to change all the time, last time I checked I think it was Virgin EMI. We have an awesome team though. I think we like them a bit too much as they all seem to hide as we come up to the office. Even on our best behaviour.

CM: When did you discover your passion for music?
Brad: I started of playing guitar and I got into it because I was a huge AC/DC fan, Angus Young is the man, so I wanted to learn guitar and I did, that was at about age 12, since then I started writing my own songs and gigging anywhere that would take me! I also put covers up on YouTube which is how I met James. It's always been the only thing I could see myself doing, being in a band!

CM: Do you think you've responded successfully to the fame you're receiving?
Con: I wouldn't say we have any fame as such, but we appreciate what our fans do for us SO much. We like to stay grounded and focus on what's next for us! 

CM: You're performing secret concerts and on TV, is there any chance for a UK headline tour in the near future?
Tris: We have some plans for next year. Our fan base is so amazing it would be a crime not to go and see them!

CM: How important do you perceive your image to be?
Brad: (Laughs). Well I think it's an industry that's very image conscious, whether that's a good or bad thing I don't know! But we dress how we like and don't wanna look too scruffy I guess aha, but it's important for us that people appreciate the music or the live performances and not such an image heavy thing. 

CM: Have you got any specific style icons?
Con: My main influences come from bands like Panic! At the Disco, All Time Low and You Me At Six so I guess I take influences from all of them whether its style or musically! 

CM: What do you see in the near future for The Vamps?
Brad: Hopefully, a couple more singles then an album early-ish next year! Our own tour fingers crossed! Just carry on gigging and working hard, writing songs!

CM: Thankyou for taking the time to speak with us and we look forward to hearing more from you as your career develops!

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