The Vamps' Tristan Evans is dating a make-up artist.

The 20-year-old drummer has secretly been with Anastasia Smith for a large part of 2014, and he was insistent that the pair got together after being introduced by a mutual friend rather than a dating website.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: ''We met through a mutual friend. Not Tinder or anything.''

While Tristan only has eyes for one woman, the boy band - also made up of Connor Ball, James McVey and Brad Simpson - have eyed a collaboration with four females in the shape of Neon Jungle, who are made up of Shereen Cutkelvin, Asami Zdrenka, Jess Plummer and Amira McCarthy.

In the first episode in the new series of Nando's Grills, the pop groups teased the idea of joining forces to create a supergroup and hinted they might even join together in time for a joint-Christmas album.

After The Vamps floated the idea of a possible Christmas album collaboration, Asami joked she thinks an album might be too much and was thinking a single might be more appropriate.

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