The Vamps' Tristan Evans was a ''pest'' at school.

The 21-year-old drummer admits he was constantly in trouble when he was younger and received ''detention upon detention'' for his bad behaviour.

He said: ''I was a pest. I was really hyperactive, would talk back to the teacher and speak to my friends when we were supposed to be working.

''I did a lot of bad things. I was rude and couldn't be bothered to do my homework. I got kicked out of class all the time and I even smashed a few windows playing football. I got detention upon detention.''

While Tristan was a bad boy, his bandmate James McVey rarely got into trouble and even made friends with his teachers.

He said:'' I was too good to get into any big trouble. When I wore my black converse I always got told off. Teachers hate it, but I only got a warning.

''By the end of school I'd become friends with most of the teachers and did what I was told.''

Both Brad Simpson and Connor Ball confessed they mainly ran into trouble because of their laziness.

Connor said: ''I never had a detention but I was lazy. I did all my homework on the bus on the way to school.

''It was a long journey though, about 45 minutes, so that's OK, isn't it?''

Brad added to Top of the Pops magazine: ''I wasn't a naughty child but I did get lots of detentions for being late. I hated getting out of bed in the morning - and I still do.''