The Vamps love to learn.

The pop band, which is comprised of Brad Simpson, 21, James McVey, 22, Connor Ball, 20, and Tristan Evans, 22, have hinted they released their book 'The Vamps: Our Story: 100%' because they didn't want to be viewed as a boy band who ''mime'', but as a group who are educated.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, James said: ''Sometimes I find it frustrating that people stereotype.

''It's a massive misconception that being in a band that we don't do much other than turn up and mime, but I want people to see that we like to learn.''

And the heartthrob has admitted he is also writing a science-fiction text, which will go through the same publisher's the group used, because he has always had a penchant for English literature.

He explained: ''I'm writing a fiction novel, I don't know how it came about.

''I loved writing at school. I did English literature and history, so I guess I was missing that academic side of life.

''I met people when we did The Vamps book, like publishers, and so they are really helping me out - they have inspired me to carry on doing it. It should be published next year.''