The Vamps credit McFly and Taylor Swift for their music success.

The teen boyband admit they take inspiration from many artists, but believe they've learnt the art of penning tracks from the 'Red' singer and picked up how to perform live from the 'Love is Easy' group.

Singer Bradley Simpson told Digital Spy: ''There are different artists who inspire different aspects of our music.''

Guitarist James McVey added: ''For writing it's Taylor Swift, obviously. It's McFly for live. Before I had seen them in concert, I would never have performed as we do now.''

Meanwhile, the 'Wild Heart' hitmakers - also featuring drummer Tristan Evans and bassist Connor Ball - admitted earlier this week that they'd like to team up with hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks because they believe their energy and stage presence is infectious.

Bradley said previously: ''There's scope for a featured artist on our album. Rizzle Kicks have said they'd love to write with us. I'd be great if that could happen.

''They don't get enough recognition for how good they are in concert - put us in a room together and the results would get everyone jumping.''