In a pop world ruled by boybands like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, it’s easy for one to slip under the radar, no matter how good or charming they may be. For the British group The Vamps, they recently released their first record, Meet the Vamps, last month with standouts tracks including ‘On the Floor’ and the Bruno Mars-written ‘Can We Dance.’ Although The Vamps are just starting their careers, they’re already making a pretty big impact: the album debuted at number two on the UK charts, and each of the three singles so far have entered the top five. This week, The Vamps made it known that they were looking for a fourth single to add to that list, as the re-release of ‘Somebody to You’ features guest vocals from Demi Lovato, and it may just end up being their biggest song yet.

The Vamps Radio DisneyThe Vamps released their debut album in April

The Demi-ified ‘Somebody to You’ is a vast improvement over the original, and her voice gives it that summer oomph to it that’s bound to make it a staple on any beach playlist this summer. The ‘Heart Attack’ singer lends an addictive verse that includes lines such as, “I used to run away, I didn’t want to settle down. But now I wake each day, looking for a way that I could see your face,” and she’s also included in the background vocals during the chorus.

It’s clear that The Vamps hit the jackpot with deciding to team up with Lovato on the track, but it’s a move that isn’t too surprising. While there hasn’t been many of them, every guest spot and collaboration that Lovato has been a part of has been pretty stellar. In 2009, Lovato lent her voice to ‘We’ll Be A Dream,’ a ballad taken from pop-rock band We The Kings’ record, Smile, Kid. She’s also been featured on another ballad: Hot Chelle Rae’s 2011 track, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me.’

Demi Lovato American IdolDemi Lovato lends her vocals to The Vamps' 'Somebody to You'

With all the slower tunes, ‘Somebody to You’ is a breath of fresh air now that we get to hear her on someone else’s song more upbeat in nature, but it also might not be the only collaboration you hear from her this summer. Lovato recently announced that her Cher Lloyd collab, ‘Really Don’t Care,’ taken from her latest album Demi will serve as the record’s fourth single. It’s a smart decision for sure, as it’s easily one of Lovato’s best songs in her catalog and is bound to flourish on the charts.

Though the cycle for Demi isn’t over yet, she’s already been recording some tracks for album number five. In a February interview with MTV, Lovato said, “The sound just evolves into everything that I’ve been and everything that I want to become,” when discussing the songs made thus far. Whenever a new record does come out, we can only hope that she does some more guest features in the meantime.

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