The Vaccines think they have struck the right ''balance'' on their new album.

The group plan to release their second LP 'The Vaccines Come Of Age' in September, just 18 months after their self-titled debut record, and though they think it is different to its predecessor, it won't alienate their original fan base.

Frontman Justin Young said: ''I don't think there's any danger of us making the same record twice but I think anything people found attractive about is the first time round has been retained.

''I'm really confident we've got the balance right.''

Justin insists the new album is not rushed, despite coming out so soon after the group's first record, and doesn't understand the point in delaying a release until the right sales conditions come round.

He added: ''I've always written songs, I always will and they were ready to go so I just thought, 'What's the point waiting?'

''The problem these days is you have to play The Game a bit with labels where they all want to find the right week to release a record.

''But I love that back in the day, Elton John released three records a year. I love the idea of being able to release a record a year. You don't want to be hashing stuff out live.''