The Vaccines' Justin Young performed his own rendition of sea shanty 'My Jolly Sailor' to 100 Kraken rum cocktails at The Troxy in London.

With concerts off amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the 33-year-old musician's vocals were "infused" with the Caribbean spiced rum brand's "most alluring cocktail ever made", as he performed his "dark twist" on the shanty to tables covered in the bottles of liquor.

Kraken's very own mythical sea creature, The Siren, joined Justin in their musical outfit, The Serenading Sirens.

The Serenading Sirens rum is available to purchase along with a limited-edition vinyl and an exclusive black tentacle candle, an ideal gift for Valentine's Day.

And Kraken is giving 100 of their followers the chance to win one of their Serenading Sirens Kits by penning their own verse for ‘My Jolly Sailor’.

Entires can be sent to The Beast via The League of Darkness website:

Justin said: “Doomed love is the muse behind almost every song I’ve ever written. Forget the bouquets or borrowed clichés, listeners of ‘My Jolly Sailor’ can expect to hear the harrowing, tragic demise of traditional Valentine’s Day romance. Plug in your headphones and enjoy (or not) the beautiful sadness of unrequited love.”

Keep an eye on Kraken’s social media pages for the music video for Justin’s interpretation of ‘My Jolly Sailor’.

The Serenading Sirens competition runs until February 8, with winners being announced a day later, in time for February 14.

To download ‘My Jolly Sailor’ head to