Young suffered a series of breakdowns as he and his band were completing their third studio album, which was released this week (begs25May15), and now he feels he owes it to fans to come clean about his medical issues.

He tells, "I guess the record really allowed me to say everything I wanted to say, and once we'd finished the record I really felt I'd lost a bit of purpose and direction and felt like a very vulnerable body floating in a big, scary ocean."

He admits his condition often leaves him seeking medical help after completing big projects, adding, "Three or four times in my life I've ended up in hospital after finishing important projects, just through boredom and self-obsession. I'm an incredibly self-obsessed and anxious person. When I lose focus in life, which I do when I hand in a record, all my focus turns to myself and what might be wrong with me.

"With self-obsession comes this desire to control and preserve, and so, for whatever reason over the last 10 years, this has manifested itself in hypochondria and psychosomatic pain and a weird list of things that scare me enough that I end up in hospital attached to various different machines trying to reassure myself that I'm not about to drop dead."

The 28 year old has recently moved to New York from London in a bid to change his environment, hoping the new surroundings will help him conquer his issues.

He continues, "I wanted to go somewhere I didn't know anyone or anything, the way that I'd arrived in London from Southampton eight years before. I wanted to feel hungry for the place I was living in, not say no to anything."

Young's mental health issues are not the only medical problems he has struggled with - in 2011, he underwent surgery three times in for a recurring issue with haemorrhaging vocal cords.