The Vaccines' Justin Young thinks Christmas songs are rubbish.

The 27-year-old frontman has slammed festive hits for being of poor quality, saying he thinks people only listen to them because they are so familiar.

He said: ''I think if you listen to most old Christmas songs, they're s**t, but we grew up with them so they're ingrained in us.''

The 'Teenage Icon' singer went on to say he isn't a fan of any recent seasonal tunes such as Ariana Grande's 'Santa Tell Me' or Leona Lewis' 2013 single 'One More Sleep' either because the artists are so desperate to create the perfect track.

He continued: ''When people write a good new one it seems try-hard or overly earnest.''

Despite being a scrooge when it comes to Christmas music, the hitmaker recalled a cherished memory from a childhood when he dressed up as Santa Claus and rode a four-legged animal on the big day as a surprise for his parents.

He added to NME magazine: ''I remember one Christmas dressing up as Father Christmas and riding a pony - that was a white Christmas. I borrowed it to surprise my parents. I was, like, four. It's difficult to explain.''