Review of I'm Not Superstitious Single by The Troubadours

Single review of 'I'm Not Superstitious' by The Troubadours.

The Troubadours I'm Not Superstitious Single

There is something about Liverpudian bands they have this knack of compiling music filled with melodic sounds. The Troubadours like their fellow Liverpudians The Zutons and The Coral have this distinct sound, which in fact are not similar to each other's, however what is, is that once the band have played that first chord you just know that they are from Liverpool. These guys are a tiny bit different though claiming that the band are from Liverpool and Wigan and that could be the key that elevates them into a different way than others before them.

The Troubadours are set to release their new Single 'I'm Not Superstitious'. The great thing about this track is that it sounds like so many artists yet at the same time have a distinctive feel to it. You could say that 'I'm Not Superstitious is like The Mystery Jets meet The Rumble Strips, which both bands have earned success in their own right and with happy upbeat sounds that The Troubadours own they won't be going far wrong either.

These guys are an exciting prospect who has been tipped for 2008, although it will probably be more like 2009 as we are slowing passing by the summer festivals.

Mark Moore

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