The Ting Tings are to work with Jay-Z on their new album.

The 'That's Not My Name' duo have signed to the rap superstar's record label, Roc Nation, in the US and he is reportedly set to give their career a huge boost by helping with them on their second album.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Jay is hoping to lend his production skills to some of the new material.

"The Staccato rhythmic style of The Ting Tings sits well with what he does best, so that was the attraction.

"Jay can make them one of the biggest British bands in America."

While the duo are thrilled with their deal, they are unlikely to be happy with the amount of time they will have to spend in America.

The group - made up of singer and guitarist Katie White and drummer and programmer Jules de Martino - recently said despite their huge success, they have been homesick since they started touring the world in support of their debut album 'We Started Nothing' in May 2008.

Katie said: "We've seen the world. God, we've seen it about five times. We were even flying over Siberia the other day, from the aeroplane there was just not one sign of life, not one tree, nothing. It was amazing.

"Japan, Hong Kong were great. America's good, we do long tours there and you know, there's some amazing cities there, but you're driving for so long just to get to the next city."

Jay-Z has also signed British girl group Sugababes to Roc Nation in the US.